This project was a Microsoft Funded marketing campaign to create a central hub on the Ebuyer website for all things Microsoft. This included Education, Servers, Windows, Office and Business; because of this it required me to create a number of different tabbed pages with fluid navigation so that the different audiences can get to their needs easy and also feel comfortable looking at their desired category.

Software + Languages Used:


Firstly for this project I started out by listing everything that the site needed. I also needed to explore Microsoft’s strict brand assets as the project would not receive funding unless completed in a professional manner, this required me to have frequent communication with the vendor to make sure they were happy with the outcome.

Once I collated everything I needed I set off with designing the wireframes and high fidelity designs for the site, after this was completed I sent the interactive Adobe XD prototype to Microsoft for approval. Upon approving the design I started to code the website using HTML and CSS to create the site to match the design that was approved.

I then went on to add some Jquery features and finally added dynamic pricing using PHP from the site.