HP | Tour De Yorkshire

HP | Tour De Yorkshire

HP Tour
De Yorkshire

For this project HP wanted to create a promotion around the ‘Tour De Yorkshire’ event. To do this it required me to not only follow Hewlett Packard’s brand guidelines but to also follow the Tour de Yorkshire guidelines. They wanted to create a landing page which could be used to promote a competition they were holding through Ebuyer.com and then also create a number of different assets which could be used to market the landing page.

Software + Languages Used:


My involvement in this project required me to firstly come up with an interactive fun way in which the audience would remain engaged with the competition and reduce bounce rates on the site. To do this I created a playful design which the audience could control by simply scrolling down the page. Once the designs and idea was approved by HP I began coding the site using Jquery to create a scrolling effect where bikes would move across the screen. This encourages the user to scroll to the competition page of the site to keep them engaged.

I also created a number of site skins and banners which were used on certain categories of Ebuyer.com and sent out in emails; as well as re-skinning the homepage.